Narrow Escape V1.4

We have been making some bug fixes. Bug Fixes Doors-with-no-color-Bug Fix Optical improvements Performance improvements Doors get back the original color after lock picking Different doors in different maps Improvements of the ingame energy level More possibilities of interaction Skillchecks improvement Ingame Interface improvement

Narrow Escape V 1.3

Update V 1.3 General In the lobby, the chat history is no longer deleted when switching between menu and play mode. Statistics – bugs fixed. Swedish inserted. (other languages will follow) Escape Route 3 is now available. Player A new character “Tatjana”. Anyone can now help anyone without a first aid kit. But there are…
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Narrow Escape Release

It’s done! Our game will be released in September! New features are: A whole new map Cupboards and drawer can be opened now via Line Trace Channel New Menu UI New Lobby Performance improved Bugs fixed Get the Early Access on Steam!

Narrow Escape V. 0.16

Our new big update is now available! General Colors of the doors are now changing every round Escape Route 2 is now available with 29 new Quests Some maps are now available with special items, e.g. the flashlight New Atmo-Sounds Bugs fixed Maps New map (Silence Hospital) All maps redesigned Performance improved Bugs fixed Monster…
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Narrow Escape V. 0.15

Monsters Bugs fixed. Players Everyone can now choose a map. Bugs fixed. General Bugs fixed.

Narrow Escape – Escape Day

Let’s escape together on 01/28/2021. We are there from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm.We are happy to see you 🙂

Narrow Escape V. 0.14

Monsters A new monster has been added. Monsters can now duck. Small texture improvements made. Re-edited monster sounds. Players Players can now help each other as long as they have a first aid kit with them. Every help is rewarded with 2000 points. Players have 2 minutes to help the injured player. General Made small…
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Narrow Escape V0.13

You can use the first aid kit after being hit by the monster.