Narrow Escape

Started 08/2018 | Released since 09/2020

Narrow Escape is our indie horror game in which you have to try alone or with up to three other players to escape from different buildings without being caught by the roaming creature.

Escape is not the only goal, however. Collect coins, complete tasks and take certain items with you to receive boosts. Look for fuses and a key that will take you and your friends outside. But the most important thing: survive!

To find the fuses you have to search the rooms whose doors you have to crack in most cases. But watch out! Your pickgun doesn’t have infinite capacity. You have to take the time to fix them every now and then.

Don’t be caught by the creature walking through the building. As soon as a door is unlocked, it is no longer “burglar-proof”. If you get caught, it’s over for you. Unless you have a first aid kit with you or a co-player who helps you. Then you get a second chance. Improve the pickgun of your characters individually in order to be able to charge faster and to create more capacity.

Gradually complete your missions to get points and level up. Unlock characters and their skills.