Author: Anil

Narrow Escape V 1.3

Update V 1.3 General In the lobby, the chat history is no longer deleted when switching between menu and play mode. Statistics – bugs fixed. Swedish inserted. (other languages will follow) Escape Route 3 is now available. Player A new character “Tatjana”. Anyone can now help anyone without a first aid kit. But there are…
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Narrow Escape V. 0.15

Monsters Bugs fixed. Players Everyone can now choose a map. Bugs fixed. General Bugs fixed.

Narrow Escape – Escape Day

Let’s escape together on 01/28/2021. We are there from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm.We are happy to see you 🙂

Narrow Escape V. 0.14

Monsters A new monster has been added. Monsters can now duck. Small texture improvements made. Re-edited monster sounds. Players Players can now help each other as long as they have a first aid kit with them. Every help is rewarded with 2000 points. Players have 2 minutes to help the injured player. General Made small…
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Narrow Escape V0.13

You can use the first aid kit after being hit by the monster.